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'Angel Makayla Zayne Hogue'

Makayla was born on:~  February 17th 1996

Time:~  10.30am

Weight:~  4lbs 14 1/2oz

Length:~  17 1/2 ins long

Heartbreakingly, Makayla left 'Earth for Heaven' just the very next day ~ 'February 18th 1996' at 7.06pm.

Throughout these pages that I dedicate to My Precious Little Angel Grand~Daughter, 'Makayla Zayne', I will include many 'Photographs' of our sweet angel, 'Our Story' and many of my 'Thoughts and Feelings' since our little angel left Earth for Heaven...

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"Grandma Loves You ~ Makayla Zayne"



Christmas 2002

Makayla's 'Online' Quilt

Makayla's 7th Heavenly Birthday

(February 17th 2003)

Cindy's Birthday Pages

(October 19th 2003)


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'Thank~You' for being a very Special part of our lives here in England!

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