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~ Happy 3rd Heavenly Birthday Jack ~

~ November 27th 2003 ~

~ Dear Jack ~

Here we wish you the most happiest of Heavenly Birthdays as you come to celebrate being 3 Heavenly years old today..

How I wish we were all together, where we could hold you in our arms and shower you with gifts of toys and a lifetime of Love..

Make sure you stay close by your baby brother Sam on this day, and always, and find all your little Potters Angels friends to have your Birthday Celebrations with...

You are in our thoughts sweetheart, you are in our hearts, a place where you will forever stay, until we can be together again, once more...

~ We Love you Sweetie ~

~ The Photo below of you in your Moses Basket hunny, filled with all your little toys and many photos of us all that you took to Heaven with you ~

Where has the time gone sweetheart?  You should be turning 3 years old today, on this day, November 27th 2003, 3 years ago today you were born, and 3 years ago today you had to leave earth for Heaven :(

Our hearts are left broken sweetie, they will never mend, the day you left us our darling and then the day that your baby brother Sam followed you to heaven, our hearts broke a second time :(

You gave us so much Jack, you gave me as your 'Mummy' 9 beautiful months of your life inside me, that I treasured then, and will always treasure the memory of...

You then blessed us with 5 precious minutes of your life at your birth and a treasury of memories from the day you came into the world...

~ The photo of you and me below, shortly after you were born ~

You gave your Daddy those 9 months too of 'getting to know you', and although we never saw you for all those months you were growing inside me, we all got to 'know you' and loved you so very, very much, through your kicks and your presence, within me...

~ Below, you and Daddy when you were just a Heavenly 1 Hour Old ~

You gave your Sister Sophie and Brother Ben all those months too, of feeling your kicks and your little movements through my Tummy, and made them laugh many times when we used to place a little Rubber Duck on my tummy whilst I was taking a bath, and watch you 'knock it off' with one of your 'strong kicks' :)

Sophie was just 9 when you were born Jack and our Ben, just over 2...  The pain in our Sophie's eyes in this photo rips at our hearts every time...

Sophie & Ben miss you so much sweetie :*(

To view the other photographs we have online of our Jack and our Family, please click below.

~ Jacks Photos ~

As we do every year Jack, for you and for your brother Sam, we have your Birthday Announcement in the local Newspaper, and here below is what we are having printed this year for you:


~ Our Precious Little Angel ~
~ On Your 3rd Heavenly Birthday ~

Born Heaven~Bound, 3 years ago, today.

~ Goodnight ~

We can’t reach out to comfort you,
Or hold your tiny hand.
The precious dreams we held,
Can’t be fulfilled the way we planned.

Sometimes we say a little prayer,
In hope, perhaps we might.
Have one last chance to tuck you in,
Before we say “Goodnight”.

So much we would have shared with you,
But as we had to part.
There’s just an empty silence,
Echoes in our broken hearts.

~ Wishing you a Happy, Heavenly 3rd Birthday Sweetheart, Safe in Heaven with your Baby Brother, angel Sam ~

Don't think of them as gone away,
Their journey's just begun.
Life holds so many facets,
This Earth is only one.

Just think of them as resting,
From the sorrows and the tears.
In a place of warmth and comfort,
Where there are no days or years.

Think of how they must be wishing,
That we could know today.
How nothing but our sadness,
Can really pass away.

And think of them as living,
In the hearts of those they touched.
For nothing loved is ever lost,
And they are loved so much.

Goodnight and God Bless Jack & Sam.

"An Angel in the Book Of life,"
Wrote down our Babie's Birth's.
And whispered as she closed the Book,
"Too beautiful for Earth."

~ Our Two Little Angels ~
~ Together Forever ~

We Love and Miss You Both so very, very much,

Your Loving, Heartbroken,
Mummy, Daddy, Sister Sophie & Brother Ben.
x x x x x x

~ The Beautiful Graphic above was made especially for Jack by my dear friend Myrka from Butterfly Dream Signatures ~

~ Thank You Myrka ~


Over the next few days I will update Jack's 3rd Heavenly Birthday Page with photos and memories of what we did on Jack's Special Day.

Andrew will not be working, we always spend our Jack and Sam's Birthday's together and we have a few things planned for the day...

One of the first things we will be doing in the morning, will be to go to the Cemetery where we will lay a Christmas Wreath down on Andrew's Dad's Resting Place, then we will take another special Birthday Wreath down to our favourite little Island, known as 'Mersea', which holds fond memories of both our Jack and our Sam, and we will lay our wreath in the open Sea, and watch as the tide takes it out...

We will then return to our local Florists, where we also had our Samuel's Funeral Flowers made, and purchase our Red Rose in Memory of Jack's Birthday, and one for Sam and bring them home and place them with them, in 'Their Place'...

The rest of the day I am sure will be filled with many, many tears yet precious memories of our boys.

In the evening we will light Jack's 3 Birthday Candles on his beautiful Birthday cake, open his Birthday Gifts and sing him a Special Happy Birthday Song and watch as Sophie and Ben blow his candles out for him...

Sophie and Ben are already making and preparing many gifts and cards for Jack's Birthday, and I know it is going to be a really special day tomorrow.

As soon as we have our photos back from the days events, I shall add them onto this page as soon as I can...

Thank you for visiting and for sharing in our Jack's 3rd Heavenly Birthday Wishes.

We love and Miss our baby boys with all our hearts...

With Much Love and Birthday Wishes to our baby Jack on this, his 3rd Heavenly Birthday...

Love Mummy, Daddy, Sophie and Ben.


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