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Sam's Gifts

How we Prepared for Sam's Day

Morning of Sam's Day/Lynda's Arrival

Church Service

500 Balloon Release

Sponsorship Money Raised

Winner of Our Virgin Balloon Flight

Ending Of Sam's Day/Lynda's Departure

Beverley's Balloons

John Worland Video's


Welcome once again to all our visitors, from England and overseas, to Our Samuel's 1st Heavenly Birthday Pages!

I still cannot believe that we have actually got to where we are today with the heartache and eternal yearning for our two precious little boys.  I remember giving Birth to our Jack & Sam as though it was yesterday, and now, here I sit, 14 months later and just 6 weeks after holding Sam's 1st Heavenly Birthday Memorial, wondering just how on earth have we really got through this so far!

There was so much to arrange for Sam's Day, so much to organise and so much to prepare.  It took months of planning and organisation, but the time went by way too fast ~ and here I am now, sitting at my PC, starting the 'online' preparations of this very special day to be added to Sam & Jack's 'Special 'Heavenly Home' on the Internet!

There are many links to click on, on the Left Hand side of this page!  They start from the 'Planning Stage' of Sam's Day, through to the 'Morning of Sam's Birthday', 'the meeting of myself and Lynda Beaumont', 'the Church Service', 'the 500 Balloon Release on Mersea Beach', 'the Sponsorship money Raised in Memory of Sam and where it was donated to, and finally, the ending of Sam's 1st Birthday celebrations...

On the link titled ~ 'Morning of Sam's Day/Lynda's Arrival', you can read about the very special moment that Lynda and I actually met!  Lynda contacted me last August 2002 after she came across 'Jack and Sam's' Website through a Search Engine!'.  We became firm friends from the very first email correspondence that we had.

We invited Lynda and her family to come down and share Sam's very special day with us here in Essex.  This was to be the 'first time we met', and on such a very emotional day, it was also a very emotional meeting.

We would also like to take this opportunity here to Thank 'John Worland' for his time, his experience and his understanding for 'videoing' Sam's day once again for us, (as he did our Jack's day also)  and for everything that he is doing for us and our family and most importantly for 'Potters Syndrome'.

Please click on the Link to the left to read more about John Worland and what he is doing in his power to help parents/families of Potters Syndrome Babies.

We also wish to Thank once again, Beverley's Balloons for the absolutely beautiful Balloons that she provided for Sam's Day.  Please visit the Link to Beverleys' Balloons to see just how beautiful these Balloons were and all the work involved in the preparation of such a large Release.

So to end on, please check out all the links to the left of the page and enjoy visiting and seeing the photos of our Samuel~Jack's 1st Heavenly Birthday Celebrations!